Sunday, 13 April 2008

Central Station - Who is next for the chop?

The future does not look bright for London club promoters at failing Kings Cross Venue, Central Station.

Following the high profile "eviction" (without notice I might add) of MA1 Club and highly popular ClubCP which had been running successfully for over three years, rumour has it another promoter is about to face the chop in Martin and Duncan's greedy land grab.

On the grapevine we have heard that a very popular Scally and Sport Kits night is ready for the chop.

If you promote a club at grotty Central Station don't look successful. Drive an old banger, and look as though you haven't washed for a week or changed your clothes for months. Bling is out. Otherwise Martin and Duncan will be after your cash!

Central Station, Kings Cross a "Big Flop"

Doesn't look as though Central Station's new nights are going to be very successful! Martin and Duncan's attempts at theft won't succeed. Another flop for Central Station?

Alan stood outside Central Station between 7am and 8pm on Saturday night and only five people turned up! Alan explained what had happened and four turned away.

Alan's first night at the Playpit went well, however the adverts in Boyz magazine only went out on the Friday, which wouldn't really give people enough time to pick up a copy before the new clubs start.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Spankz at ClubCP

All CP Nights at Central Station have closed following the eviction of MA1Club.

Great news though! You can get your Spankz at the most popular of the corporal punishment clubs in town. Thats ClubCP at the Playpit!

Alan Roberts will provide you with all the benches, whipping frames (courtesy of CXI69 of course) as well as other punishment equipment you need to control your spankee. Or its the perfect place for you to get spanked!

Also watch your favourite C.P. films on the various video screens. No membership is needed or dresscode but you are encouraged to come in your best kit! Watch out for special themed nights! Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to come to any night.

Every Saturday 2 till - 8PM

ClubCP @ Playpit

76 Caledonian Road

Kings Cross

London N1

Bring you own booze.

Soft Drinks available at the venue.

Eviction of MA1 Bar

As you are no doubt aware by the press release this week, the MA1 Bar is no more. This is no fault of our own.

At 10.00am on Monday 7th April 2008 Martin Mason who apparently owns the venue told us to vacate the building without any warning or notice. There you have it, after three years
building and promoting their business we loose out.

The only reason given was "business restructuring." In other words to steal the businesses of the promotors.

At present MA1 is thinking about the future and to see where we go from here. For the moment we are looking at other possibilities.

However it's just not MA1 that suffer. Other promoters based at the venue are at risk of having their nights stolen and operated by the owners of Central Station. These events have only shown how unprofessional Martin Mason and Duncan Irvine are and it should be a warning to anyone thinking of entering into a agreement with them. Don't!

For those of you thinking of getting involved with Central Station, Kings Cross please think seriously about it, as they will no doubt do something to you as well!

Club CP New Venue

Due to the rather dodgy antics of the Directors of a certain failing North London Gay Bar, Club CP is back with a new venue from Saturday night! More information in the flyer below:

Be aware of dodgy imitations!